Where Can Asbestos be Found in my Home?

Did you know that asbestos was used within construction materials up until the late 1970s? If you own an older home, you might be worried about potential asbestos exposure. While asbestos materials do not pose a hazard unless they are breaking down and releasing fibers into the air, it might be a good idea to find out just where these materials are located in your home, so you can take proper action when it is needed.



We have seen many DIY articles out there about removing spray-on asbestos-containing material from ceilings in older homes (popcorn ceilings). It should be known that asbestos was commonly used in this “popcorn” material for many years, and could be present in the ceiling you are about to remove.

Pipe Insulation

If you have older pipes in your home that are wrapped in asbestos-containing insulation, watching out for tears or rips in the material is a good idea. If the damage is noticed, there might be temporary fixes to your problem, but the only way to stay 100% safe from asbestos exposure is by having an abatement professional test, remove, and/or replace it.


Many older homes contain asbestos vinyl floor tiles. They were once used for their strength, durability, and looks – they came in many different colors. If the floor tiles are in good condition, they do not pose a hazard to you or your family, but if they are damaged and falling apart, you might want to consider having a professional seal the floors or remove them completely.

There are many more places within older homes that asbestos can be found. If you are worried about exposure, do not hesitate to contact a professional to retrieve samples and assess the situation.

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