Construction Workers at Risk for Asbestos Exposure at Work

Did you know that construction workers are some of those most at risk for developing asbestos-related diseases? Due to the many asbestos hazards, they encounter on the job, these workers are more likely to face asbestosis, mesothelioma, or asbestos-caused lung cancer diagnosis than other blue-collar workers.


Construction workers do not just build new buildings with modern upgrades. Demolishing, renovating, repairing, and maintaining older structures that are likely to contain asbestos building materials is also part of their job. It is presumed that all buildings constructed between the early 1920s and the late 1980s harbor asbestos or materials made with asbestos, making work within these structures potentially hazardous for anyone involved.

While laws and regulations have been put in place to protect workers from hazardous exposure at work, many employers fail to keep their employees safe by providing the information and training necessary to do so. It is not uncommon for a construction worker to unknowingly expose themselves to asbestos by improperly handling or working with an asbestos-containing product within an older building.

Not only are construction workers at risk for asbestos exposure and related diseases, but their families are also often unknowingly exposed as well. Disturbed asbestos fibers can come to rest on the clothing, skin, and hair of workers, where they are transported home to loved ones.

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